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AIDS Analysis Africa Online (AAAO) is a bi-monthly electronic newsletter focusing on the wide-ranging impact of HIV and AIDS on Africa. Metropolitan Holdings has been sponsoring AAAO since 1997 leading it into the era during which big business became increasingly aware of escalating AIDS workplace mortality. AAAO focuses on the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, its impact on business and society and the various responses to stem these impacts. AAAO has a reputation for accurate, reliable and exclusive data, research and articles inherited from its hard copy predecessor.

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  • AAAO is hosted and archived on www.redribbon.co.za, the HIV and AIDS portal focusing on Information and initiatives around the epidemic in Southern Africa.

Strong Roots!

AIDS Analysis Africa (Southern Africa Edition), a 12-page journal was launched by Whiteside and Van Niftrik Publications in 1990 to give coverage to AIDS related issues in Southern African countries. A London-based newsletter then agreed to distribute this publication. The response was so favourable amongst its subscribers that, in 1991, the first issue of the AIDS Analysis Africa (London Edition) was launched to give coverage to HIV and AIDS issues on the whole continent. These two publications ran concurrently, flourished, and were a constant source of invaluable information about HIV and AIDS facts and figures in Africa to scientists, NGO's and the public sector as well as business decision makers around the world.

In December 1997, Metropolitan, a Southern Africa financial services company commenced sponsorship of AIDS Analysis Africa (Southern African edition) simply because of the publication's focus on HIV and AIDS studies in the socio-economic context. AIDS Analysis Africa's credibility in providing accurate, reliable information on AIDS reflected Metropolitan's own commitment to disseminating information that was critical in understanding the impacts of HIV and AIDS. In December 1998, the same company sponsored AIDS Analysis Africa (London edition), and in January 1999, these two publications became available as a 16-page bi-monthly journal focussing on the socio-economic impacts of HIV and AIDS in Africa.

We went online!

In keeping with the demands of a fast-paced electronic age, AIDS Analysis Africa Online (AAAO) was launched in April/May 2004 as a bi-monthly electronic newsletter hosted and archived on www.redribbon.co.za. Thereafter the publication’s distribution list grew exponentially with Gillian Samuels from Metropolitan AIDS Solutions as the new managing editor. In Gillian’s words:

“HIV has so many implications beyond the human body”.

Nathea Nicolay took over the editorship of AAAO with the January/February 2006 edition focussing on the controversial topic of “Treatment”. AAAO received a new look and feel and from 2006 each edition will focus on a specific theme such as Prevention, Know your Status and Treatment.

  • Subscription to AAAO is free – simply click here.

  • AAAO is hosted and archived on www.redribbon.co.za, the HIV and AIDS portal focusing on Information and initiatives around the epidemic in Southern Africa.

Why does Metropolitan focus on the impact of AIDS?

Metropolitan has been one of the first companies in Africa to recognise the potential devastating impact that HIV and AIDS will have on Africa and its people. As far back as 1987 the company started modelling the epidemic and projected that millions of people will be HIV positive by 2006.

An unprecedented epidemic is unfolding in South Africa with over 5.3 million people estimated to be HIV positive in 2006. 1400 new HIV infections and 900 AIDS deaths are taking place every day. AIDS can inflict immense human suffering and the worst impact on society is yet to be felt as millions of children are orphaned each day. The important role that the powerful business sector in South Africa can play to address the impact of the epidemic is explored by forward-looking companies every day.

The Editorial Team


Nathea Nicolay

Tel: +27+21 917 3090

e-mail: aidsanalysisafricaonline@metropolitan.co.za

The Board members are:

Nathea Nicolay: nnicolay@metropolitan.co.za  

Tersia Mdunge: tmdunge@metropolitan.co.za  

Nosipiwo Ngxabazi: nngxabazi@metropolitan.co.za  

The Contributors

All of the contributors in AIDS Analysis Africa Online are specialists in their fields. They are commissioned by the Editor to produce articles on a wide range of topics and themes such as law and human rights, socio-economic foci, workplace issues and government and community responses with respect to the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Contact details

AIDS Analysis Africa Online

Metropolitan AIDS Solutions

P.O. Box 2212



South Africa

Telephone : +27 21 940 6717

Fax : +27 21 940 5501

Email : aidsanalysisafricaonline@metropolitan.co.za



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